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The first photos featured below are of a job we did a few years ago when we were hired by Woodland Building Solutions, a local builder and remodeling contractor, to work on this beautiful home that was well over 100 years old. Using the attic of this home, we did some designer framing in which one of the hardest task was leveling the floor , as you could imagine. Once that was accomplished off we went. After moving some rooms around on the second floor we cut out a hole and framed up a stairwell. After all the framing was completed we returned to install the interior trim. This space really turned out beautiful and made a nice third floor addition. As a licensed general contractor, we can come in and do specific items or the entire job. Check out the before an after pictures below.  



We do all types of renovations and room additions here at Trim South. To just renovating a closet or bath room to the entire house, we can handle the job.